Growing together in His light ~Eph 5:8

Christmas Message by NEAB President Lance Lewis

By December 23, 2015 Article

ChristmasThe best present for Christmas ”—John 1:1-11.

By now you may have received your gift or gifts for Christmas. Was it what you were expecting?

Were you elated or deflated? What would you consider to be the best gift for Christmas?

The Gospel of John chapter 1 and verses 1-11 has something special to say to us today and today I bring the outline as I see it from that text.

1.    We present Christ before Christmas. John 1:1-4.

Before Christmas was ever celebrated Christ was there.

a)    The Word (Jesus) is from the beginning.

b)   The Word was/ is God.

c)    The Word (Jesus) made the world.

d)    The Word is life!

e)    The Word was/ is light.

i)              The life was the light of men.

ii)            The light is extremely powerful! No darkness can overpower it

Isaac Watts capture this powerfully in his hymn

Jesus shall reign wher’er the sun

Does his successive journeys run.

His kingdom stretch from shore to shore

Till moon shall wax and wane no more.”
Darkness shall never put out the light. 

11. John presents Christ to men, John 1:5-8.

a) John was a man sent from God. (We need such men today.)

His mission was to announce the coming of Christ; The Eternal Word.

b) He came to bear witness of the light.

c) That all men may believe (John was verifying Jesus).

d) John was not that light. The light was Jesus.

Be a witness like John and let your light shine before men that they may see your good work and glorify your Father in heaven. Let your light shine this Christmas!

111. Jesus presence was unknown to many but can be know by you! John 1:9-13.

a)    John tells us that Jesus, the true light, was coming into the world.

Every other system does not have the true light. No artificial light can make up for the true light- Jesus. Do you have him?

b) He was in the World

He was here all the time”

c) The World was made by Him

d) The World knew him not!

Do you know Jesus Christ as your Saviour?

The best present you can receive is Jesus

You may be attending church but still do not know him as Lord and Saviour.

f)     He came unto His own but his own received Him not..

Here Christ is talking of the Jews but it also applies to others including you. You may have been rejecting him but a change can come today .

g)    But as many as received him to them gave He power to become the sons (children of God)

Will you receive Him?

Today many have no place for Christ in their hearts, He is a stranger. Today confess your sins to Him and receive Him into your life.

He can change your life forever and give you a gift that is the best gift you will ever receive. It is not a gift for time alone, but for eternity.

NEAB President Lance Lewis.

>Amen, and Merry Christmas!

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