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Border vote poses challenge to evangelicals

By February 1, 2018 Article
border vote poses challenge

Communion between Guatemalan and Belizean evangelicals at the border,  28 May 2016.

Border vote poses challenge to evangelicals. The thorniest foreign issue for both Belize and Guatemala will come to a head on April 18. On that date Guatemala will vote on whether to take its claim on the land of Belize to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Belize will vote on a later date.

NEAB has been reaching out to our evangelical friends in Guatemala to seek a better understanding about our national identities. Our relationship began when we prayed and took communion with them at the border on 28 May 2016, after the conflict flared up again due to a shooting at the border. The more we learn to appreciate and pray for each other, the more we can avert fresh hostilities as the border referendum approaches.

NEAB President Lance Lewis speaks at the AMEG conference in Guatemala City.

On January 25th, six of us attended a big evangelical conference in Guatemala City hosted by the Association of Evangelical Ministers of Guatemala (or AMEG, Asociación de ministros evangélicos de Guatemala). AMEG consists of more than 500 denominations and 47,000 churches in Guatemala. They welcomed us enthusiastically and honored us. We exchanged blessings with each other. NEAB President Lance Lewis spoke of our growing relationships with Guatemalan evangelicals. He commended Guatemala for supporting Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, just as NEAB does publicly. Afterward, Lance was presented with an honorary AMEG sash.

Dr. Otilio Lopez of the Association of Guatemalan Evangelical Ministries (Spanish acronym AMEG).

Before we left, we felt compelled to share the Belizean perspective on the border issue, a perspective that Guatemalans rarely hear. We spoke with Dr. Otilio Lopez, outgoing president of AMEG. NEAB President Lance stated the basic case for Belize’s sovereignty and asked for help to convey our case to other Guatemalans of influence. Dr. Lopez said he would not only help us on this sensitive topic, he would also seek to visit Belize soon and learn more.

In the meantime, we are seeking another prayer encounter between evangelicals from both nations near our sensitive southern border. God has begun a good work in bringing evangelicals of both nations together. Let’s keep praying and believing that He will guide the referendum process, establish our border, and show us how to become good neighbors.

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